Bubble Shooter


A mobile version of the classic Puzzle Bobble


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Bubble shooter is yet another iteration of the classic game Puzzle Bobble, but with controls perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices. Just swipe your finger across the screen to aim, fire, and pop all the bubbles!

Bubble shooter has dozens of predetermined levels, each one more complex than the last, and your goal is to clear the screen of all the bubbles in each level. Just keep and eye on the color of your ball and shoot it at bubbles of the same color to pop them, clear the screen, and beat the level! Not only that, but this game helps you shoot the ball a bit more accurately by showing a predicted trajectory line whenever you're aiming the ball, so don't be afraid to risk it all and try to beat the levels using as few balls as possible! Finally, when you do manage to pop all the bubbles, you'll get a bonus or special ball before going to the next level!

Bubble Shooter is a very fun puzzle game, that brings the original mechanics and concept of the historical game Puzzle Bobble to mobile devices.

Required Android version varies depending on device

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