• Social Media

    Along with numerous online marketing strategies, ITFellow has also successfully created social media marketing campaigns for its clients. Social profiles, when appropriately executed on social networking sites, send more traffic to the website, thus building brands and improving overall organizational image. Our social networking websites allow you to customize fully functional turnkey websites that are user friendly, […]

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  • Digital Marketing

    Internet Marketing requires a highly-professional and creative approach. ITFellow has proved its excellence in this field as to date we have executed most successful marketing campaigns for our international clients. We offer a broad range of Internet marketing including e-commerce newsletters, website lead generation, banner ads, pay per click advertising, […]

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  • PHP Coding Standards

    Fortunately for PHP developers, there is the PHP Standards Recommendation (PSR), comprised of the following five standards: PSR-0: Autoloading Standard PSR-1: Basic Coding Standard PSR-2: Coding Style Guide PSR-3: Logger Interface PSR-4: Autoloader PSR was originally created based on inputs from maintainers of the most recognized platforms on the market. […]

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